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Electronic signature is now available on the forms with an asterisk (*) by the title.

How to use electronic signature:

  1. Contact our Member Service Center at or 619-515-6800.
  2. Request the form you need and provide your email address.
  3. The form will be securely emailed to you. Fill it out, provide an electronic signature, and click submit.
If you do not want to use electronic signature, you can view, save, print, and mail/email the editable PDF form by clicking the appropriate link below.

Address Change Power of Attorney
Beneficiary Designation * Purchase Service Credit: Prior Public Agency
Benefit Estimate * Purchase Service Credit: Redeposit
Contributions Verification Purchase Service Credit: Service Prior to Membership
County Employees Charitable Organization (CECO) Purchase Service Credit: Sick Leave Without Pay
Direct Deposit Authorization * Reciprocity *
Income Verification Request for Retirement Application
Military Service Credit Request * Return to Active Membership Application
Name Change * Tax Election for Retirement Payment *

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