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Benefits for Beneficiaries

A Beneficiary is an individual designated by a Member to receive certain SDCERA benefits upon the Member's death.

The benefits available to a Beneficiary depend upon whether the Member was in Active, Deferred or Retired Membership status at the time of their death.

Active, Deferred and Retired Members can change their Beneficiary designations at any time, except that Retired Members who selected Retirement Option 2, 3 or 4 can only change their beneficiary designation for the $3,500 lump-sum death benefit and any unpaid retirement payments (i.e., last month of retirement pay).

To designate a beneficiary, a Member must submit a Beneficiary Designation form. A Member should make sure that their beneficiary designations remain current throughout their life. For example, when a Member marries, divorces or has children, it is especially important to update their beneficiary designations with SDCERA, if appropriate.

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