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Seminars and Workshops

SDCERA offers seminars targeted at career stages

SDCERA offers half-day retirement seminars to active and deferred members based on where they are in their career.

Enrollment in all seminars is done by phone, through an SDCERA Call Center representative. You will be asked to provide your projected retirement date and other personal information necessary to enroll you in the appropriate seminar. Please contact the SDCERA Call Center at 619.515.6800.

Note: only seminars that have space available for enrollment are displayed on the calendar.

Mid-career seminar

The mid-career seminar is designed for members to attend when they are five to 20 years from retirement. Key components of this seminar include an overview of your SDCERA retirement benefit and how your age at retirement, service credit and final average compensation factor into the amount of your retirement benefit.

In addition, a representative from the County's Deferred Compensation program will explain how to use this tax-deferred investment as a source of retirement income, in addition to your SDCERA benefit. The latter half of the seminar is presented by a financial education firm and covers important financial planning strategies.

Late-career seminar

Members attend the late-career seminar when they are approximately six to 12 months from retirement. In this seminar, SDCERA presents valuable and detailed information about the various benefit choices and the documents required at retirement. By attending a few months in advance of your retirement date, you will have ample time to determine the best retirement date and benefit option for you.

The late-career seminar also features presentations from the County's Employee Benefits and Deferred Compensation departments. Employee Benefits will discuss the COBRA and CalCOBRA health benefits, and life insurance conversion. Deferred Compensation will provide information on what to do with your 401(a) and 457 defined contribution plans, and discuss the Terminal Pay Plan. Information regarding social security benefits will also be available at the late-career seminar, in the form of a presentation and/or booklet from the Social Security Administration.

Members do not complete their retirement application at this seminar. When their retirement date comes, members may request a retirement application anywhere from 60-90 days prior to retirement, then submit the application within 60 days of their retirement date. No additional seminar or meeting is required, but SDCERA's resources and help will be available to members who require additional assistance.