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From the CEO...

Happy New Year! 2017 will be a great year for SDCERA.

SDCERA staff accomplished so much in 2016, and that momentum will carry over into 2017. The Finance team (with a big assist from the Investments group) just published the FY 2016 CAFR, which I think is the best document we have ever produced. The CAFR, which includes our FY 2016 financial statements and an unqualified “clean” opinion by our independent auditors, completes our FY 2016 financial reporting. Our December 2016 retirement seminar at the County Operations Center culminated our new communication outreach program. These seminars reached nearly 1,000 active Members. In addition, we reached hundreds more Members at presentations in other locations, including County department offices, the Sheriff’s Department and the Hall of Justice.

SDCERA’s new Member Service Center is open. Located on the first floor of our 2275 Rio Bonito Way office, the MSC is designed to ensure that SDCERA Members receive quality service. We are very proud of this great Member-focused space, and look forward to serving our Members in it in 2017.

While we are only half-way through the fiscal year, many of our FY 2017 Action Plan goals have been achieved, all of which are designed to improve service to Members. We are investing in our employees’ intellectual capital, improving healthcare program service, reducing investment-related expenses (more than $20 million in annual ongoing savings in 2016), maintaining the integrity and security of Member data and improving administration functions that have reduced annual ongoing expenses by approximately $2.5 million.

I am excited about these accomplishments, and look forward to more in 2017.

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