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Beneficiary Designation view/print
Change of Address
(for retired and deferred members)
Direct Deposit Authorization
(for retired members)
Military Service Credit Request
Name Change Request
(for retired and deferred members)
Power of Attorney view/print
Request for Costs to Purchase SDCERA
Service Credit
Request for County Employees
Charitable Organization (CECO)
Request for Reciprocity view/print
Request for Benefit Estimate view/print
Request for Service Retirement Application view/print
Request for Retirement Income or
Member Contributions Verification Letter
Return to Active Membership Application for Retired Members view/print
Member Sworn Statement
(new employees only)
Tax Election for Monthly
Retirement Benefit

Fact Sheets
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Considerations before Purchasing
Service Credit
Disability Retirement view/print
Earning Service Credit view/print
Power of Attorney view/print
Purchasing Service Credit view/print
Reciprocity view/print
Refunds view/print
Retirement Plan Summary for Tier A view/print
Retirement Plan Summary for Tier B view/print
Retirement Plan Summary for Tier C view/print
Rollover/Transfer for
Purchasing Service Credit
Taxation of Retirement Benefit Payments view/print
Termination of Employment view/print

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